Thursday, October 29, 2009

Picture by Rodney S Braun
So I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself these past two weeks. It's just a phase I'm sure. I think most of it has to do with my brain and body adjusting to weather. Seriously. It totally doesn't feel like Autumn. I miss the cool air, beautiful leaves, sweaters and socks and the mental prep for winter. The weather here has been a bit rainy which I have loved. When it's not raining it's hot. I think it will take at least 6 months to get used to the heat. People say it will cool down soon, but really that just means it will go from HOT to hot. I am NOT complaining. Just trying to get used to it. Also I stopped taking pictures because I decided I hate my camera. I was trying to take some cool shots and my camera wouldn't focus or take any of the pictures I wanted so I just stopped. I want a Rebel like all my cool friends have. I'm just whining.

Silver has been doing so well in school. His marks are soaring and even though he doesn't seem to have any friends in his own grade he does have a good time playing at recess with some of the grade ones. He is starting to enjoy football after a bit of a struggle with the game. Ryan and I really need to do our homework with him and get him practicing more.
Amazing picture by Rodney S Braun
Trinity is really struggling. She talks about Jane everyday and we had to go out and buy Jane and the other dogs she lives with some toys and dog bones. We are going to mail them tomorrow. I'm sure it will cost us a small fortune to send but it is making her happy. She couldn't sleep tonight because as she said "I'm having too many thoughts of Jane". I don't think she will ever get over losing Jane but I also know that once we get her another dog (when we move back to Canada one day) it will lesson the pain. She's doing great in school and is starting to make some friends.

Halloween! In usual form Silver will be dressing up as a Star Wars character. We ordered him a very cool X-wing fighter costume and thanks to Nannie we got it in time for Saturday. Trinity is going as a Vet. Totally not surprised. I am having someone make her some little scrubs and we found a dress up Vet coat and some Dr. supplies. Halloween is pretty down played here on the island. We are going to take the kids to Camana Bay for their events and then off for some trick or treating in one of the areas of the island where kids trick or treat. It should be a fun night.

We just had a 4 day weekend and in two weeks we have another one. There are quite a lot of 'holidays' here. I kinda like it:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

So I've been sick for about three weeks now. One day I feel like I'm on the mend then the next I feel terrible again. Tonight we finally went to see a Dr. and found out I have a sinus infection. Well at least now I have some meds to take and should start to feel better in a few days.

The Iquana outside Trinity's window

Things have been moving along the last two weeks. Up early, school, home, sleep then we get up and do it all again. It feels nice to have a steady schedule and all be in the same place. The kids had their first football game last Saturday. Silver was so happy and proud to be on the team. I am so proud of him for sticking it out and choosing to play. Football is a pretty big deal here. Sort of like hockey in Canada. Our kids aren't used to the competitiveness of it all. It's a bit heart breaking really.

Super Silver

I am constantly trying to find ways to build the kids confidence. Silver plays on his own a lot and misses his buddies in Canada. Trinity seems to be making up illnesses like sore legs, stomach aches or sore throat to get out of class and see the nurse or me. She talks about Jane (the dog we had to leave behind) almost daily. She really misses her. Not much we can do about that. I told her we would get a dog when we move back to Canada one day.

More fun at the pool

I will add some pictures tomorrow. The camera is in Lulu (our vehicle) and I don't want to go and get it.

To sum everything up. I'm tired, the kids are still struggling and no one has come to visit us yet. Oh but I did buy some tickets for the Alicia Keys concert in December. I'm very excited about that!

some grapes I had that I just Had to take a picture of.
The way I like to enjoy the 'pool'.

Well bless you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday seems to be the day

Checking out the crazy sudden rain storm.

Friday is my favorite day of the week here in Cayman. It marks the end of an always busy work week, school ends at 1:00pm, we always have a good family time and I catch up with my blogging and facebook pages.

This was a bit of a different week for me. Monday and Tuesday were in-service days so the kids (lucky monkeys) got to spend two whole days with Gramma and Dude (sleep over included) and Ryan and I had meetings at the school. I actually took a First Aid and CPR course with the Red Cross. It was good to take the class. I did learn a few things. Now at least if anything happens I am much more equipped to handle it. It's so funny to me how the sight of bloody pictures makes me dizzy. I was not always like this. Hopefully if needed I can keep it together long enough to bandage someone up before I throw up and pass out.

Silver taking a rain shower.

Trinity and I have been sick since Wednesday. Did we stay home from work and school? No. I just didn't want to miss anything and get more behind on the projects I need to have done for the Pre School classroom. I hate being behind.

The kids start playing actual soccer games against other schools next weekend. Trinity has decided to stay on the team. I actually gave her an incentive to keep going. She (and Silver) get money added to their allowance for every practice and game they go to. I just didn't want to see her quit. Although I am NOT looking forward to early morning games on Saturdays.

I'm tired and still sick so this isn't every interesting. On a fun note I am going to start taking violin lessons soon! Excited!
Did I mention we have a Gerbil? This was Trinity's birthday present. She misses Jane to much and she really just wanted a pet. So meet our newest family member Love.