Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trouble in Paradise

So I've been sick for about three weeks now. One day I feel like I'm on the mend then the next I feel terrible again. Tonight we finally went to see a Dr. and found out I have a sinus infection. Well at least now I have some meds to take and should start to feel better in a few days.

The Iquana outside Trinity's window

Things have been moving along the last two weeks. Up early, school, home, sleep then we get up and do it all again. It feels nice to have a steady schedule and all be in the same place. The kids had their first football game last Saturday. Silver was so happy and proud to be on the team. I am so proud of him for sticking it out and choosing to play. Football is a pretty big deal here. Sort of like hockey in Canada. Our kids aren't used to the competitiveness of it all. It's a bit heart breaking really.

Super Silver

I am constantly trying to find ways to build the kids confidence. Silver plays on his own a lot and misses his buddies in Canada. Trinity seems to be making up illnesses like sore legs, stomach aches or sore throat to get out of class and see the nurse or me. She talks about Jane (the dog we had to leave behind) almost daily. She really misses her. Not much we can do about that. I told her we would get a dog when we move back to Canada one day.

More fun at the pool

I will add some pictures tomorrow. The camera is in Lulu (our vehicle) and I don't want to go and get it.

To sum everything up. I'm tired, the kids are still struggling and no one has come to visit us yet. Oh but I did buy some tickets for the Alicia Keys concert in December. I'm very excited about that!

some grapes I had that I just Had to take a picture of.
The way I like to enjoy the 'pool'.

Well bless you.


Anonymous said...

Oh that was a hard post to read. Sorry that you are sick. I can't imagine as a mom how heart breaking it is to watch your kids, play alone or fake illness etc. You all are doing amazing and with lots of love and encouragement you WILL get through this!!! Once the kids fully adjust and have a "life" with friends etc, it will be bliss. I am NOT lying. I am coming to see you. EVERYDAY I tell Derek that he's sending me to Cayman. So do not fear, I will come and see you. I have enough airmiles for one ticket, so for sure me and Ella will come :) ha ha. Is it expensive for me to send a care package to Cayman? Love you friend. xo Chan

sonya said...

My heart goes out to you...

I'm sick here, too. I have been too busy celebrating birthday, Thanksgiving, a wedding (Kristin Kutryk and Joey Eapen), plus conferences coming out the wazoo!

Must. go. to. bed.

Kellie Huffman said...

Great pictures! That one of Silver smiling is epic. I'm fighting a cold that just won't let go but I don't have sinus infection. That must be painful. Sounds like a tough adjustment period. The part where Trinity talks about Jane is the hardest part to read. Poor Trinity. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Freespirit said...

Just discovered this and I think I finally figured out my password to post. Anyway love the pictures especially the one of Ryan and Trinity. Sinus infection is absolutely the worst. I had it in the 70's and still remember the awful nausea and pain, I also didn't realize what was wrong for ages. Also praying for you all during this difficult transition period. Much love

Hayes said...

thank you everyone. Your words are helping me to remember that we have great people in our lives.