Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My little Big 7 year old

August 25th Trinity turns 7. That's only 3 more years till 10 then 6 more years till she's driving then 3 more years till shes off to University! Yikes. I think I'm getting ahead of myself (as usual).

So here we are just a week until school starts and nothing is "normal". We move into our place Sept 1st and as of right this moment don't have anything to really move in besides ourselves, some clothes, a few toys, a Wii (but no T.V) and some food. A great friend is giving us some kitchen stuff like forks, knives, spoons and a table to use as well as some sheets (still working on getting the beds).

In th midst of all the unknown we are doing our best to focus on Trinity and give her a great birthday! I think it will be one she will remember for many years to come. She already knows what she's getting as a gift and has been a whole new girl since she found out. She laughs more and is getting to be her silly little self we haven't seen much of lately. She and Silver helped design the cake and they can't wait to get decorating.

So off I go to bake and decorate and continue to try and take everything that is running through my head and just put it aside for now. For it's All About Trinity today and tomorrow!

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