Friday, September 25, 2009

Here or There

Things I don't have here but wish I did.
1. shopping mall - I know it's sick but you don't realize how convenient they are until you don't have one
2. cold water - the "cold" water that comes out of the tap is lukewarm
3. changing leaves
4. the kids friends
5. the Vineyard
6. cel phones that work properly
7. good butter

It's been a hard week for many reasons. I have been fighting off a sore throat that seems to be getting worse and worse. I pretty much destroyed the laminator at the school..... well not exactly destroyed but I did put it out of commission for a few days. Now I'm afraid to use it. Getting up at 6am ( I should really be getting up at 5:30) everyday is getting pretty tiresome. I've been a bit home sick too. That's funny because I don't really have a place to be home sick over. I just miss little things like driving down to the Forks with my family or a walk at Assiniboine Park. The sculpture garden is so pretty in the fall.AT LEO MOL SCULPTURE GARDEN '06

I've also been thinking a lot about people I met at the mission (Siloam Mission). I've been asking myself questions like. What is ____ doing right now?
Is ____ still reading books on watercolour painting?
I wonder if ______ is still sober and creating amazing works of art everyone loved?
What was that joke _____ told me that I laughed so hard at?
Man I loved my time there. Hard as it was at times (which actually were some of the best times) I loved it.
Well I'm tired and need rest. We have been invited to go out to Sting Ray City tomorrow morning with some people who also just moved here and have two kids. Making friends is always hard for me. I wish it was easier. Good night.


erinnirish said...

awwww :( :(
i can try to send you some butter :)

shawne said...

it always the little things eh? and some big ones too.