Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to school

Let me begin this post by saying that yesterday I slept for 10 hours straight got up for 5 hours then slept again for 9 hours. I was hit with a crazy flu bug that just took me out for one whole day. It was CRAZY. The only time I have ever experienced anything like that before was when I had food poisoning about 11 years ago in Kamloops. It was a very un-welcomed illness in the midst of a crazy first few weeks at school.
Trinity in the pool.

Things are going well. I have been busy in the Pre School making charts and wiping noses. The kids are a really great group. I have been hugged and told I'm loved by more than half of them already and it's only been a week and a half:)

Ryan is really enjoying teaching High School. He is starting a sailing club which is something he has been interested in for a while. I will try to get him to write an update in his own words soon.

The kids are finding their way through new subjects such as US Geography and Spanish. They are also making new friends and getting to know their teachers. Silver is coming out of his shell a little and talking in class. Trinity is doing well and has only had one day she said she didn't want to go.

Here we are set up to watch a movie outside at Camana Bay. Every Tuesday night they show a movie for free. It's really cool. Camana Bay is a really cool place that has a book store, coffe shop, movie theater, shops, apartments, fountains and this cool place where they show the movies.Fun in the pool.

So here we are. Settling in. Living day in and day out. It's fun but difficult. I still don't know which chicken to buy at the store or where a good bakery is. But no worries I've got time to figure it out.


lozzie said...

Buy a chicken that is already dead.
Love you.

shawne said...


erinnirish said...

brutal flu, yuck.
the pictures are great, looks like life is good!

Sheri said...

is that YOUR POOL?!?!?! Please say YES......... I AM COMING TOMORROW!!