Friday, August 21, 2009

A time of growth

Two weeks ago we bought some seeds, dirt and pots. A week after that (we just didn't seem to find the time) we planted the seeds and have been watching them grow. I can't believe how fast they are growing. The pictures here are one week after planting. The tomato plants we bought as plants as well as two of the herb plants but everything else is from seed.

Amazing! I love growing things.

For the past few years I have wanted a lemon tree.
Ryan and I have dreamed of picking our own lemons from a tree in our backyard. Well We bought the tree but I'm sure it will be years before lemons can be picked off it's branches.

It's so beautiful and smells amazing. When we bought the tree a lady who worked at the Nursery sang us a little song about how lemon trees smell wonderful and have beautiful flowers. It was a really memorable experience.

This week we have been at the school everyday preparing classrooms, boards and lesson plans. I (Alexandra) will be a teaching assistant in the Pre School. I'm looking forward to being with the cute little ones. I will also be teaching Art to grades 1-3 to help the amazing Art teacher. So I get to be in my kids classes at least once a week! Amazing. We are blessed!


erinnirish said...

great pictures
i want a lemon tree
i bet the flowers smell amazing

grow with it

Heavenly said...

reading this post overwhelms me with how much God loves and provides even the little things.

shawne said...

wow that lemon tree looks so happy im barely keeping mine alive.