Monday, August 10, 2009

Sea Turtles and boat rides

A rare picture of all of us! This was at the end of a long (fun) afternoon cruising around the island. The kids where so tired.

Just over two weeks on the Island now. I have realized how much is not available on the island. In Canada we are just so used to having everything available. If it's not available at the store down the street we can easily order it on line and have "it" delivered within a few days. Even ordering on line here is difficult. Most places won't deliver here or it would cost so much it's not worth it. As frustrating as this is I am secretly enjoying it. It just makes me have to work harder and be more creative.

For instance I have been trying to find storage bins or drawers or toy boxes. I have found nothing. Seriously nothing. So the kids toys are all over the place or still in a suitcase. It's fine but they aren't really playing with them because they just don't have a familiar place yet. I know it will come.

Here is a sting ray at a place called sting ray city. We stopped here on our boating journey. It's a reef spot about 3-4 feet deep. We all got out and swam with the sting rays. Trinity was super excited to be able to touch one. Silver was a little more freaked out but within a few minutes he was relaxed and having fun too!

The other day Silver asked if they could start school tomorrow so they could make some friends. I see how much they miss their friends. It's hard. Trinity said one day out of know where "I miss our house, I miss Jane". It almost made me cry. I know these things will come too. It just makes me so sad to see the kids this way.

Here we are at the Turtle Farm. We spent an afternoon there learning about Green Sea Turtles. It was awesome.

We are trying to do fun things to keep us busy and not focused on all the transition. We have done some cool stuff. We've been to the Turtle Farm, on a boat cruise, swam in the pool and trips to the beach of course. We are reminding ourselves that we are on summer break and need to relax amidst all the craziness.

On Sunday we where invited to join a group of about 25 people to cruise around the island for the afternoon. It was a really cool experience. The kids loved it!


erinnirish said...

you can order us online, we ship to the caymans.

Sheri said...

I love your blog ...and the AWESOME! I love you guys even more!!!!! miss youuuuu XX