Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everyday is full of adventure

We did it. We are here. It's hot, it's beautiful and Trinity wants to know where Grandma is (she is in Vancouver with her parents).

I spent almost the whole day unpacking our 8 large suitcases and 8 carry-ons. It was a lot harder than I expected. Most of our clothes where dirty so we did about 6 loads of laundry.

We went to the grocery store and it was also harder than expected. All the packaging was different and I didn't know where anything was. Not a big deal I know but a bit frustrating. I know that the best thing for our family is to get settled in anyway we can. I took the kids books out yesterday and put them on the shelf. They where so excited to see them again. They both sat for about two hours and just looked through the books.

I took the kids to the beach this morning. We where only there about 1 hour but that was long enough to tire us all out.

After lunch we all went to the skate park so Silver could check it out. It cost 8.00 for a day pass. It felt strange to pay for Silver to skate. All the parks in Canada are public parks free of charge. It wasn't a big deal I just didn't expect it to be a charge. If he continues to enjoy skating then maybe we will look into a year membership.
I'm exhausted from the heat. I know, I know I shouldn't complain.


mushyb said...

Nice to see you made it there safely and are settling in. do u have an apt. or renting a house? what jobs did u get again? teaching? how did u end up choosing to move to the Caymans? when can i come visit?lol

Carlie said...

I love that picture of Silver!

shawne said...

ya great pic of silver! try to rest and dont feel bad for complaining it is hot there and you guys have been through a lot! how is ryan doing with school stuff?

Sonya said...

Wow, you're there! Take it easy! My wise friend says it takes a week to just to get into a groove when you get back from a holiday. Imagine when you settle in to a new COUNTRY!

Take care...

luberon said...

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je profite du passage sur ton blog pour te faire un petit coucou du luberon et te souhaiter
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