Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day and sunset pictures

Pictures of the sun setting tonight. We left the beach early and didn't catch the whole thing.

Today was our first day at the new school. Long story short it was AWESOME! We learned about the school including the vision and some school history. We meet some of the other new staff who where all very cool. It's so amazing to be surrounded by people from different cultures. I'm really going to love this.

We also learned a bit about Cayman and the history. It was really amazing.

The kids were a bit stressed last night and couldn't fall asleep. I was a bit nervous for them too. While Ryan and I were in a meeting this morning they were being taken care of. When we got there another teachers child was there as well and he is the same age as Silver! This was a big bonus. The kids ended up having a great time and are excited to get school started.

When we arrived here we had some issues with our work permits and passports. Well that all got worked out today as well. It's been a good day. Now there's only this weekend left before Ryan gets working in his classroom everyday and then the kids start school Friday!

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