Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

I love Mother's Day! As the kids get older it gets better. They can actually honestly express appreciation and write cool cards, and make neat crafts. I do love it. This year from Ryan I got a pass for Yoga classes. We are going to take them together. For me this is the best present for me right now. I feel squishy and need my pants to fit a little bit better :) We went out and had a lovely brunch at a place on the beach.

Everytime I do something like go to the beach (which is rarely), eat at a beach restaurant, walk out side with out a jacket, swim in a pool, eat a banana off a tree or chat with my Jamaican friends ( i will miss this a lot) I think about how it's all going to end soon. Only 6 weeks of school left. Then we leave two days later. We still need to sell some stuff, find a place to live, get jobs, and a million other things. I am much calmer this time around then when we moved here. I guess I've actually learned a thing or two. I know I've learned that I don't want to do this again anytime soon.

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