Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time to post. It's been an exhausting last month. We moved which took a lot of energy. We had to go through everything we have again and get rid of things and move things and pack things and store things (most of those things being books). I hate having to move the kids stuff so much. They are alright with it but I'm smart enough to know that you shouldn't move kids around too much. I look forward to moving very little in the next few years. I'd like to see the kids get comfortable and relaxed in a nice space they can call home. Silver is BUSTING for his own room. The kids will be having their own rooms in Halifax no matter what it takes. Even if Ryan and I need to sleep on a pull out in the living room!

There are approximately 32 days of school left. Yes I am counting down like all the kids in school. Summer holidays are just too awesome to not want them to come asap. I think about a year from now when we are more settled somewhere I can fully appreciate what this year as been to us. I'm a bit tired on so many levels right now to even care.

I don't really have a good 'outlet' right now. No painting, not much photography, haven't been watching much tv, no dance at all and no time to be creative with much else. I do enjoy the art I teach at school but I don't have time to prep at all so that makes it feel rushed and not as good as it should be.

It's now 10:00pm and well past my bed time. I have a hard time waking up in the morning and need to get to bed around 9. So off I go to sleep. Good night.

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Dombowsky Family said...

you guys inspire our family to go for bigger things in life, even if it means some discomfort, its better than settling. you truly do. be encouraged, you will have a rest in maybe a few years ;) but it will be worth it!