Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sunny side of the street

Today I am reflecting on some GREAT times we have had over the last month. through all the messiness of taking chances there are some amazing silver linings. Here are a few of ours.

Disney! We had a great time at Disney World. We did all the classic things like meet the characters, buy and wear Mickey ears, go on rides, walk ALOT, and eat really greasy expensive food. I tried hard to not take too many pictures. I didn't want to come away from the week with thousands of pictures and have to go through them all.
So We don't have tons of pics but more than enough to remember our week there. Trinity went to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and had her hair, makeup and nails done. She really loved it! She's such a girly girl sometimes:)
Silver went to the Pirate League and got some cool pirate gear. He also got to go into a secret room and choose some pirate treasure. It was cool. If you have kids at the age that would like this sort of thing it's totally worth it.

Beautiful Nova Scotia. People come from all over the world to see and experience the
landscape, food and friendly people. We have experienced all these things. We have eaten yummie Lobster at Hull's Harbour. Click the link and check out the webcam there. The lobster was great! The kids had a hard time eating it with the eyes staring at them so I had to cover the faces with napkins. It was a good time.
We also took a break from the stress of finding a home and spent the morning at Peggy's Cove. There were hundreds of people there. Our kids has so much fun running around on the smooth rocks. Silver was enjoying the whole Adventure of it all and kept saying so. Trinity was doing great keeping up with Silver who kept taking the "dangerous" way. It was another good day.


Sonya said...

Hey, just wanted to leave a comment, so you knew I was here.

The Pursuit of Stampin'ess said...

Oh my.. These pictures look so so fun.. You have such a great and beautiful family Alexandra.. And you are such a natural blogger. Love coming back to it. Thanks for sharing.

Take good care, Pauline