Thursday, August 26, 2010


The newest member of our family

Yesterday was Trinity's birthday and that's the day Fergus came home with us to stay. We have been seeing him off and on for 3 weeks. The family that we got him from had to give him up because their cat (one of 3 they have) was not a fan of Fergus. The cat is bigger than the dog so poor Fergus didn't win any fights. They loved him but felt it was best to find him a new home. So lucky us!

Trinity is madly in LOVE with him already. Ever since the first day we met him she has been a changed girl. Much more relaxed and happy.

He's a real sweet heart. We have only heard him bark twice. Both times at his own reflection in the mirror. he's a perfect addition to our family.

Maybe you'll meet him one day.....if your lucky.


Marilyn said...

We feel fortunate to have met Fergus already--loved him. It is amazing how animals can help us ease transitions and other difficulties in life!

Carlie said...

I knew it!!!
He is super cute!! I am happy that TT gets a puppy I know how much she has been missing one!!

littleL said...

Great blog Alexandra!! Makes me feel like I've caught up with you even though you're so far away! And makes me miss you and wanna hang out again. You are one tough and inspiring woman and your family looks awesome. Hope you enjoy it in NS!

littleL said...