Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Halloween and other strange things

So we got dressed up and went out this Hallowe'en. It was different....... surprise, surprise. We went to a couple of places. First Camana Bay for some trick or treating and fun stuff. Then to a neighborhood someone told us would be a good place to go. To sum it all up we had to drive from house to house because only about 20% (if that) on every street where actually giving away candy. We actually went to one HUGE house where two ladies were out on the porch having wine and desserts while the 'help' was handing out the candy. It was weird and felt gross. There are very clear lines here between those with money and those with little. I guess it's just the same story all over the world. Here it's just really clear. We also went to a place where the people were so friendly and sweet. The kids were given heaps of candy and Ryan and I were offered some 'refreshments'. It was GREAT to not have to bundle the kids up in coats and hats. In fact it was so warm that Silver wore only underwear under his costume and Trinity was hot with her scrubs and Dr. coat on. After that we stopped in at Grand Harbor then the kids begged us to take them home.

Halloween seems like a million miles away now. It's been a crazy week here for us. People keep telling us "this is just the way it is here" or "Welcome to the Caribbean". We are staying focused. We know why we are here. More time with family less time working.

Ryan has been learning to sail and even took us all out on a boat a few weekends ago. He is also going to start diving. I think I might like the diving but it's just too much of an expense for now. I am going to start taking violin lessons with Trinity next week! That should be a good time.

I haven't painted a thing since we got here. I do have my paints and I bought some canvas but I just couldn't find the time. I am going to try and make this weekend the time to start. We need some colour in our place and I need to seriously release some emotions. I miss dancing. I am going to try and sign Ryan and I up for a class of some sort. Maybe Salsa:) That would be great!

I wish I had more pictures but alas I still hate my camera. I should really do something about that.


Dombowsky Family said...

When we were in Tobago with Ashley a long time ago we were once again surprised at the obvious line between weatlhy and not. There seemed to be nothing inbetween. The weird thing was in Tobago there would be big beautiful mansions with crumbling shacks around it. It was an eye opening -not like here where we have our 'areas'.
I was wondering if you guys were going to take surfing or diving or anything! Sailing sounds incredible and Stephen will be so jealous! My dad too, he dreams of sailing one day. Enjoy your mother/daughter lessons it will be fun! And let me know how your dance class goes!

Hotson Hayes said...

Yes it is different here in the way of where the poor are and how they actually serve the rich. The poor here work for the rich. That's different.

Ryan just finished a diving course. I don't think I will take it. I might be a little to high stress to actually relax and be calm enough to do it.

The waves here aren't really big enough to surf here but I hear some people do it.

We would so live if you guys came to visit. I know you can't with the new baby coming (so exciting). But it would be great to have you.