Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a long week this has been. We've had so many short weeks lately that a full 5 school day week has seemed unbearably long. Mostly due to the fact that I am still dragging my sick body around. I did however go to my first Yoga class ever and found it to be AMAZING. I relaxed, I learned and I sweat. My arms have been twitching since Monday. I can't wait to go back:)

I keep asking Ryan to post something but he is seriously working his butt of right now. He has a really heavy work load all year and it's getting hard for us to find time to just chill and enjoy our surroundings. Tonight he is away all evening with the high school on a retreat:( We are getting better at separating work and life. But as I said it is challenging with all the work we have to do. I find myself prepping stuff for the three art classes I have 4 nights a week. I enjoy it but not always fun.

Trinity is doing much better. She hasn't talked about Jane for a couple of weeks now and she is getting quite a few friends in her class. Tomorrow is Twins day in her class (two people dress the same) and two girls asked her so they will dress like triplets:) She is getting better at spelling and reading so she is feeling much more confident.

Silver is enjoying football and getting much better. Being around all the other kids who take it very seriously and push themselves is starting to rub off. He is still kickin butt in class with his marks. He loves getting A's and A+'s. He got his first A+ in science and was so excited! It was awesome. One funny thing is that Silver is already starting to get an Island accent. Oh boy!

I have some pictures to post but forgot my camera at school. So again I will post them later.

Strange things I did this week.
1. Went to see Santa. He was outside surrounded by palm trees.
2. Bought Egg Nog in a can.
3. flushed a tiny lizard down the toilet

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